therapies for all


1 hour


Relax, be pampered and feel rejuvenated. This treatment incorporates foot soak, back, neck and shoulder massage and a choice of a face and head massage, or a foot and leg massage or a mini facial or reflexology. Holistic Massage brings about a sense of well being through deep relaxation and eases muscle tightness, improves circulation and lymph drainage. 


1 hour 30 mins


Start with a detoxing foot soak followed by a full body exfoliation with our NYR Organic natural exfoliating massage mitt to help remove dry skin and aid circulation as well as begin the detoxification and fluid reduction process.  The body is then massaged with our Detox Toning Oil to aid the elimination of toxins from the fatty tissues.  End your pampering session with a face and head massage that will leave you de-stressed and renewed.  (Not suitable for pre-natal mums)


1 hour 30 mins


Start with a relaxing foot soak followed by a back, neck and shoulder massage to release deep seated tension. A holistic massage of the feet and legs to ease tired legs and finish off your treatment with a holistic organic facial with our nourishing NYR Organic products which will hydrate, smooth and brighten the skin.  This treatment will bring on profound relaxation.